Water Taste Test Winner!

We have an official Water Winner!

Each day of the 2022 Jefferson County Fair, visitors could grab a cup and try a blind sample from 3 water systems from around our region. This year (unbeknownst to our taste testers) we featured Gardiner, Quilcene and Mats View. It was a close race each day and as the tallies added up, and in the end a victor became clear: Mats View (Port Ludlow region) is the winner!

The PUD water resource team monitors and maintains the Mats View system, and here are some quick stats on the local system:

Customers served: 25

System started (private ownership): 1992

System under PUD ownership/operations: 2000

Well depth: 192 ft

Well discharge: 42 gpm

The Mats View system is not chlorinated, and it comes from a sand & gravel aquifer derived from glacial outwash. The aquifer Mats View pumps from is capped by a protective layer of glacial till and is confined (under pressure) far below ground. No iron or magnesium treatment is required for this well. Water from Mats Views tests a relatively low hardness for local groundwater (65 mg/l Ca CO3).

Jefferson PUD’s water resource team monitors, tests and maintains 9 Group A systems (each system serving 15+ customers), and 5 Group B systems (serving up to 15 customers). The PUD serves near 5,000 water customers across eastern Jefferson County.

Thank you to all those who tried our taste test this year, and if you’d like to learn more about the hard work our water resource teams put into each and every managed system, be sure to check out our Annual Water Quality Reports here.

Red arrow indicates Mats View system well location serving 25 customers.




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