Customers who have PUD Fiber installed to their homes have the option of receiving monthly service from the PUD or one of our Qualified Internet Service Providers. PUD internet products and rates are listed below.

Basic 150


Perfect for a small household. Work and Stream at Home

Fast internet access for email, web browsing, and streaming. For anyone who wants internet that always works whenever they need to use it. Speeds up to 150Mbps up and down. WiFi router included. No buffering, no need to turn off your video during an online meeting.

Gig Basic


Super Fast Internet w/ No Frills/ No Headaches.

1 Gig speeds up and down.

Connect up to 25 devices.

Multiple zoom meetings at the same time.

Stream in 4K.

Live online gaming.

Great for supporting smart home devices.

WiFi router included.

Gig Plus


Super Fast Internet + Parental and Network Controls + Double the WiFi

Connect up to 25 devices.

Multiple zoom meetings at the same time.

Stream in 4K.

Live online gaming.

Manage family screen time and browsing.

Privacy and malware protection.

Gigspeed WiFi everywhere!

Gig Max


All the Features! Triple the Speed! Perfect for video security & serious gamers.

Stream multiple 4K displays.

Lag-free livestream gaming.

IOT / Smart home compatible.

Great for video security systems.

All Home Control App Features.

Gigspeed WiFi everywhere!

PUD Support

Get support for your internet connection from your local friends and neighbors here at the PUD.  24/7 365 support for PUD fiber and PUD owned devices.

10 Gig Network

Among the fastest internet in the nation, in rural Jefferson County! PUD fiber can deliver 10 Gigabits per second up and down simultaneously anywhere in our network.

WiFi 6

State of the art WiFi for your home or business. Excellent coverage, tri-band network. Mesh extenders available. 1 and 10 Gig WiFi routers available that you can control with your phone.

No Contracts

No contracts, no data caps, and no introductory prices. Get just the internet you pay for from your publicly owned utility district.

WiFi Included

All PUD internet packages include an advanced WiFi 6 router. 1Gbps and 10Gbps options available. Exceptional coverage, multiple antennas and channels. And remote support from the PUD network team.

WiFi Mesh Extenders

For just $15/mo you can eliminate WiFi dead zones! This extender is a convenient way to make sure a strong WiFi signal is available to the devices, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles throughout your home. One network, no extra passwords.

WiFi Connect App

Through an easy-to-use mobile app, you can monitor usage and set rules for internet sites. You’ll also have the flexibility to manage content and limit the hours of use for each connected device throughout your home. You can control screen time down to the minute and the url. Plus additional malware, virus, and data tracking blocking.

Low Income & Senior Discounts

If you qualify for the PUD’s Low Income or Senior Discounts for Electric, Water, or Sewer services, you are automatically eligible for a $20 discount on PUD Internet +WiFi. Only applies to the 150/150 Mbps and 1/1 Gbps products. One discount per household.


Fiber Internet from the PUD is only available to active project areas.

Contact or one of our Qualified ISPs if you are in or near a project area currently under construction and would like to request monthly internet service.

Please login for access. Login

Fiber Project Area Map

In fully funded rural project areas, the PUD will install fiber optic cable to eligible residents and businesses at no cost to the customer. Installation will generally follow the power lines, either underground or overhead. In the Port Townsend Business District area, fiber installation is only available to businesses and requires a $1,200 cost share. Homes or businesses adjacent to fiber project areas may also be eligible to connect for $750. We are unable to install fiber outside of designated project areas at this time. 

See if your home is in one of our project areas.