Energy Efficiency Rebate Options

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) provides incentives in the form of rebates to encourage its customers to reduce demand by improving efficiency in homes and businesses. Reduced demand for electricity offsets the need for the construction of costly new power plants or the purchase of additional electricity from other wholesalers. As one of the BPA’s customers, Jefferson County PUD receives a set amount of funding every two years that can be used to help customers afford energy saving improvements to their homes or businesses. The funding can be used for multiple products described below and is available to PUD customers on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that rebates offered are subject to change based on updated requirements and available funding. 

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Program Requirements and Application Process


Two principal conditions need to be met in order to qualify for a Jefferson PUD energy efficiency rebate: 1)You MUST be a Jefferson PUD electricity customer*. 2) For home heating-related upgrades such as insulation, heat pumps, windows and the like, the primary source of heat for your home must be electric. Note that other restrictions may apply depending on the measure.

The easiest way to receive a rebate from the PUD is to work with one of the participating installers listed below. These contractors are familiar with the requirements and application process and can submit on the customer’s behalf. Many will offer the rebate-discounted price of installation up front to the customer. For simple rebates like appliances, water heaters, or even windows, the customer can apply directly online through this website. Expect a minimum of one month to receive the reimbursement payment.

List of Participating Installers

C & F Insulation, Inc. (360) 681-0480
D & S Insulation (360) 301-1958
Tracy’s Insulation (360) 582-9600
Safe Home Resources, LLC (560) 550-4314
Alpha Builder (360) 452-3154
Glass Services Company (360) 452-1155
Groves Windows (360) 385-6282
Hartnagel Building Supply Inc. (360) 417-8388
Sequim Village Glass of Carlsborg, Inc (360) 582-3098
Plumbing (Heat Pump Water Heaters)
Bob Brown Plumbing (360) 301-6933
Brother’s Plumbing (360) 683-9191
Jet Plumbing & Heating (360) 302-6861
Mountain Pumps & Plumbing (360) 775-9649
SeaGreen Plumbing (360) 775-7590

If you are interested in becoming a Participating Installer for one or more of our efficiency incentive programs, please contact our rebate processor Mike Porter at (503) 730-3122. A business license and a copy of your liability insurance will be required.

Admiralty Heating & Air (360) 461-8669
Air Flo Heating Company* (360) 307-7822
Air Masters Inc (360) 895-2527
All Weather Heating & Cooling* (360) 452-9813
Alpha Builder* (360) 452-3154
Ben’s Heating* (360) 385-3600
Bill Mair Heating & Air, Inc.* (360) 683-4245
Coast Mechanical LLC (360) 437-7558
Double D Electric (360) 385-1130
Eagle Pipe Heating & Air* (833) 221-2472
Economy Home and Hearth (360) 692-8709
Energywise Ductless Heat Pumps (360) 661-7191
Frederickson Electric* (360) 385-1395
Hood Canal Heating & Cooling (360) 275-4992
NW Ductless, Inc. (360) 265-4762
Peninsula Heat, Inc* (360) 681-3333
Sullivan Heating & Cooling
(360) 405-0723
Olympic Hearth and Spa (360) 565-1163

* Offers instant utility rebate at point of purchase.

for more information call (503) 730-3122 or email