Low Income Energy Efficiency Rebates

Eligible low income customers can receive additional incentive amounts covering a greater cost of the installation of the energy efficiency upgrade beyond the rebates quoted above and on other pages.

How do I know if I qualify?

If you are currently enrolled in the PUD’s low income bill credit program you are automatically eligible. Additionally, customers who earn up to 200% of the federal poverty level are eligible for low-income rebates. Find out more about the Low Income Bill Credit program, or fill out our income verification application.

How does it work?

Additional rebate amounts for eligible low-income customers apply to Heat pumps, Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters, Windows, and Weatherization projects. Contact one of the participating installers on our rebates main page and let them know that you are eligible for additional rebate amounts. Participating Installers should be able to apply for the rebate on your behalf and give you the rebate discounted installation cost up front. They can contact our rebate program manager at (503) 730-3122 with questions or for additional instructions.

How much are the Low Income Rebates?

  • Ductless Heat Pumps and Ducted Mini-Splits: $4,400 incentive
  • Wall insulation: $2.00 /square foot (From R0 to R11). Single family only (additional rebate amounts based on R level adjustments) 
  • Windows: $20.00 /square foot
  • Exterior Doors to Energy Star $40 incentive
  • Heat Pump Water Heater $1850-$2000

OlyCAP Weatherization Program

If you qualify for LIHEAP through OlyCAP, you are also eligible for their weatherization funds. In fact, they may be able to fund the full cost of the home improvements up front, without the customer having to pay first and wait for rebates after the job is complete. Contact them at (360) 452-4726 ext. 6253, or visit their website here.

Special Low Income Heat Pump Rebate Application

If you qualify for the PUD’s Low Income Bill Credit program, you also qualify for bigger rebates on heat pumps. Make sure to let the participating installer know about your eligibility and have the installer fill out the special low income application linked below.

Low Income Heat Pump Rebate App


For more information on rebates call (503) 730-3122 or email rebates@jeffpud.org.