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Kevin Streett

Kevin Streett, General Manager

Contact Info: Email  (360) 385-8360
In 2012, Jefferson County PUD began the transition from a 5,000-customer water utility to a 20,000-customer water and electric utility. Kevin Streett was the first person hired in the fledgling electric division and he was subsequently tasked with hiring and building out the rest of the team. At Jefferson County PUD, Streett has served as Electric Superintendent, Assistant General Manager, Interim General Manager, and since June of 2019, official General Manager. Streett brings over forty years of electric utility experience to the job. He began working on line crews during summers off from college at Boise State, and went on to work on crews around the world. Streett spent 20 years as Operations Manager at Overton Power District in Nevada. He was the Operations Director at Navopache Electric Co-op in Pinetop, Arizona prior to coming to Jefferson County. Kevin and his wife Dawn live in Port Townsend and have 3 grown sons, two of whom graduated from PT High School.

Joy Liechty, Assistant General Manager

Contact Info: Email 

Joy Liechty brings more than 25 years’ experience in the utility field throughout western Washington. She served in a variety of positions including wholesale contract administration, power trading and scheduling, and rates and analysis for Snohomish PUD and Puget Sound Energy, as well as Seattle City Light as Power Management Director. Liechty came to the PUD from Tacoma Power where she served as Energy Trading Manager. She oversaw the buying and selling of energy for 181,000 customers and 4 hydroelectric facilities operated by Tacoma Power. She holds a bachelor’s degree from WSU and a master’s in public administration from Seattle University. Liechty is Jefferson PUD’s second AGM since taking over the local electric grid in 2013. Kevin Streett was the first. The AGM’s duties include strategic planning; assisting the general manager with administrative and special projects; working with the PUD board of commissioners; and engaging with local, regional, and state partners. Jefferson County holds fond memories for Leichty. “Growing up, I loved visiting Port Townsend, exploring the beaches, forests and forts in the area,” said Liechty. “It was my dad’s hometown, and my grandfather even owned a jewelry store on Water Street.” She notes she couldn’t have predicted her career path would eventually return here but is very glad it has.

    • Melanie Des Marais, Human Resources Director email

      Stephanie Witheridge, Human Resources Coordinator

      Annette Johnson, Executive Assistant/Public Records Officer email (360) 385-8351

      Bill Graham, Resource Manager, email (360) 385-8375

      Scott Bancroft, Vegetation Management & Permitting, email (360) 385-8363

      Don McDaniel, Special Adviser to the PUD, CAB Liaison email

      Joel Paisner, Legal Counsel

    • Will O’Donnell, Broadband and Communications Director email  (360) 385-8369

      Colton Worley, SCADA/Substation Foreman
      Tod Eisele, Substation and Metering Journeyman
      Jesse Bridges, Substation Journeyman
      David Elias, SCADA Technician
      Zach Barbieto, Meter Reader
      Corey Larson, Meter Reader
      Gerrit Van Otten, Meter Reader
      Christopher Williamson, Meter Reader

      Cody Hand, Network Engineer, email
      Erik Pryor, SCADA Engineer II, email
      Jose Escalera, Joint Use Specialist
      Jameson Hawn, Digital Communications Specialist, email 360 385-8352
      Karen Abbott, Broadband Admin Asst, email

    • Jean Hall, Services Director email (360) 385-8350

      Jeff Gordon, Customer Service Coordinator (360) 385-5800
      Drew McKnight, Customer Service Program Specialist (360) 385-5800
      Pam Vreeken, Customer Service Representative (360) 385-5800
      April Owen, Customer Service Representative (360) 385-5800
      Jonette Bruneau, Customer Service Representative (360) 385-5800
      Celsea Ward, Customer Service Representative (360) 385-5800
      Sarah Talley, Customer Service Representative (360) 385-5800
      Kim Holt, Utility Billing Coordinator
      Janel Grabner, Utility Billing Clerk
      Jill Paddock, Utility Billing Clerk
    • Josh Garlock, Electric Superintendent email (360) 385-8340

      Eric Tharaldsen, Line Foreman

      Jon Dehnert, Line Foreman

      Dylan Brackney, Journeyman Lineman

      Mike Smith, Journeyman Lineman

      Keith Halsey, Journeyman Lineman

      Ted Lewis, Journeyman Lineman

      Kevin Konoposki, Journeyman Lineman

      Brandon Senf, Journeyman Lineman

      Shea Davey, Journeyman Lineman

      Tyler Gale, Line Apprentice

      Garret Bradley, Line Apprentice

      Alyson Dean, Purchasing/Stores
      Kenny Yingling, Fleet and Warehouse
      Jesse Bland, Storekeeper/Toolman
    • Jimmy Scarborough, Electrical Engineering Manager email (360) 385-8376

      Russ Miller, Staking Engineer email (360) 385-8368
      Lori Rae, Staking Engineer  email (360) 385-8358
      Alex Gerrish, GIS Specialist email (360) 385-8370
      Kara Rogers, Admin Assistant

    • Mike Bailey, Finance Director, Auditor  email

      Melissa Blair, Financial Services Manager
      Amanda Isaak, Accounting Specialist
      Theresa Geise, Accounting Associate
      Kathy Palmer, Accounting Associate
      Morgan Higdon, Accounting Associate
      Kris Lott, IT Manager
      Ryan McCullough, IT Support Technician
    • Eric Storey, Water Treatment Plant Operator III (Water Crew Lead), email

      Tom Brooke, Meter Distribution Manager II
      Randy Calkins, Water Distribution Manager II, Sewer Manager
      Doug Reeder, Water Distribution Manager II
      Jerry Rubert, Water Treatment Plant Operator III
      Mikey Thomas, Meter Reader – WDM – OIT
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