Citizen Advisory Board

The Jefferson County PUD Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) meets on the second Monday of each month at 2:00pm*. Agendas are posted online in the Calendar section of the PUD website a minimum of 2 business days before the meeting. Meetings are open to the public. One commissioner attends each meeting on a rotating basis.

The 9 Citizen Advisory Board Members are appointed for staggered 3 year terms by the PUD BOC. The purpose of the CAB is to provide advisory recommendations to the Board on matters requested by the board and those originating in the CAB. The CAB cannot create policy, it can only advise the BOC of its recommendations in regards to policy. The CAB meetings also provide an additional venue for public engagement with PUD policy and programs.

*note: due to COVID-19, CAB meetings have not been occurring on the regular schedule. Check the calendar for updates to see when past or future CAB meetings might be scheduled.

Citizen Advisory Board Member Roster

Chair: Jessica Dillon Vice Chair: Tom Engel

Facilitator: Don McDaniel– Special Adviser to PUD

Members District 1:  Tom Engel, Sebastian Eggert; Kellen Lynch

Members District 2: Jessica Dillon, Rod Roduin, Rick Johnson

Members District 3: Craig Durgan, Dan Taylor, Bruce Alexander

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Citizen Advisory Board Subcommittees

Broadband:  Bruce Alexander, Craig Durgan, Rod Roduin (Chair)      

Climate Change:  Bruce Alexander, Jessica Dillon, Tom Engel (Chair)

Distributive Generation:  Tom Engel, Rick Johnson, Dan Taylor

Energy Efficiency:  Tom Engel, Rod Roduin

Governance:  Bruce Alexander (Chair), Jessica Dillon, Seb Eggert

Low Income:  Jessica Dillon (Chair), Craig Durgan, Kellen Lynch