Meter Opt-Out Policy & Application

As of January 6th 2020, any qualifying single phase customer can request the installation of a non-radio frequency (rf) transmitting electrical meter at their home. There is no charge for the installation, but an additional $5 monthly fee will be added to the customer’s bill to recover some of the PUD’s costs to perform manual walk-up readings of the non-rf meter. Current PUD meters are read remotely.

Most opt-out applicants can choose between either a non-rf transmitting analog or digital meter. Net metering (solar power) customers are limited to the digital meter, and must pay a $75 installation fee.

PUD customers who rent their homes will need to have their Opt-Out applications signed by the property owner in order for the application to be processed.

Applications can be found at our 210 Four Corners Rd. Customer Service office, or download the policy and application form below.