Rates for Electricity

Current JPUD Rates for Electrical Services: Effective July 5, 2022

Rate ScheduleService CategorySingle PhaseThree PhaseDemand Charge0-600 kWh601-1600 kWh1601 kWh+
24General Service$24.50$45.03n/a$0.1029$0.1055$0.1055
25Small Demand$64.74$64.74$5.93$0.0919$0.0919$0.0919
26Large Demand$118.69$118.69$9.71$0.0817$0.0817$0.0817
29Seasonal Irrigation$40.00$40.00n/a$0.0710$0.0710$0.0710
31Primary General Service$323.70$323.70$9.17$0.0806$0.0806$0.0806

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Note: All Base Fees and Energy Usage Charges include Public Utility Tax (PUT) and Privilege Tax

Construction Specifications and Charges

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