Water System Planning

Water System Plan Update
The PUD is required by the State of Washington to update its Water System Plan once every ten years. The plan update details the next ten to twenty years of water service policy, demand forecasts, programs, operation, and maintenance. It also includes probable and potential capital projects. Projects must be listed in the PUD’s water system plan update in order to be to be eligible for future grant or loan funding from either the State Revolving Fund for Drinking Water or the Public Works Trust Fund.

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Environmental Checklist
The PUD submitted an environmental checklist (EC) for the 2020 water system plan (WSP) update to the Washington State Dept of Ecology February 1. 2021. This EC is for a non-project plan and the capital projects listed within the plan update will receive their own SEPA review process if/when they are implemented.

Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) for JPUD WSP Update
Click this link to access the DNS for the WSP update.

Board Approved Volumes of JPUD Water System Plan