District Policies & Agreements


Resolution 2015-011 outlines PUD governance policy

Customer Service

Customer Service Policy (updated February 2024)

Data Privacy Policy (2016)

Key Contracts

DateContract NameIn Association WithDescription
2015/06/04Network Integration Transmission Agreement (re. 3)Bonneville Power AdministrationBonneville Power Administration Contracts and Agreements

Interlocal Agreements

DateAgreement NameIn Association WithDescription
2021/12/06Weed Control Board ILAJefferson CountyDefinition of obligations related to the control of noxious weeds.
2021/07/27Interlocal regarding FiberMason PUD No. 3Cooperation agreement to make the most efficient use of resources by working together to complete attached agreement.
2021/04/29Fiber Lease 2021Bonneville Power AdministrationReviews of engineering, real property, and environment regarding Jefferson County PUD's fiber optic project.
2021/06/10Bi-Lateral Transfer EEI AllotmentWhatcom PUDCooperation in sharing resources, construction and operation of facilities, etc. to provide electric energy related services to customers.
2016/01/01Emergency Electrical Infrastructure WorkChimacum School District No. 49Providing and paying for emergency electrical infrastructure work.
2019/08/19Reservation of Transmission Line and Switch CapacityClallam PUDAgreement for the reservation of transmission line and switch capacity during emergency conditions and system maintenance.
2017/02/21COS Software ProcurementKitsap PUDProcurement of the COS survey software suite to eliminate a separate RFP process.
2016/04/04Cooperation Regarding Contractors, Equipment Rental, etc.Jefferson CountyMutual cooperation to request other contractors and shared equipment rentals/materials.
2017/11/27Digital Network Software and Radio ProcurementMason PUD No. 1Joint use of Turbowest digital network software and radios to work together during storm events and other agreed times.
2019/01/29Access and Maintenance of Electric CablesUS Department of Agriculture Forest ServiceOperation and maintenance of electric distribution lines on National Forest System Land.
2017/12/14Water Street ProjectCity of Port TownsendPavement rebuilding, sidewalk ad utility replacement, among other enhancements along Water Street.