Workforce & Customer Owners are Key


A Message from PUD District 3 Commissioner, Dan Toepper.

As JPUD marks the first 10 years of supplying energy to Jefferson County as a customer owned utility, we turn our focus to ensuring that the next ten years of accomplishments
exceed those first 10 years.

Today’s economic landscape of shortages, inflation, rising interest rates and possible recessionary trends will test our attempts at success.

 Within the utility we must determine how we can cut costs, identify efficiencies and plan prudently to offer superior services while striving to deliver them at a reasonable cost. 

 The costs and availability of procuring a talented workforce and retaining experienced workers will be as challenging and expensive as obtaining the materials and equipment that it will require to keep our electric grid, water/wastewater systems and broadband network dependable, affordable, and sustainable.  

Dan Topper, Mike Chapman and Jeff Randall stand at the Jefferson PUD fair booth in 2022.
Dist 3 PUD Commissioner, Dan Topper (left), 24th Legislative District Rep, Mike Chapman, and Dist 1 PUD Commissioner, Jeff Randall at the Jefferson PUD county fair booth in 2022.

The employees within the utility will be our greatest resources and key to the future success of our PUD. We also rely on the collaboration of local businesses and the backing of our customer owners in the community to support and utilize the services we provide.

Together, we can make the next decade a success for JPUD and our community. 



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