CUSTOMER ALERT – Customers mistakenly posting tax payments to PUD

In the past around this time of year, a few customers have mistakenly made Jefferson County property tax payments to the PUD via their bank’s online bill payment program. Such payment attempts will be now be blocked from coming to the PUD.  If you mistakenly request your bank to make your property tax payment to the PUD, the resolution to the issue will need to be between you, your bank and Jefferson County.

The Public Utility District is not affiliated with County government. We have no involvement or role in property taxpayer payments to the County Treasurers Office.

So how is this a thing? On many bank bill pay websites, they will have a list of payees for you to chose from on a drop down menu or in a field that will auto-populate when you start to enter the name of the company. “Jefferson PUD” and “Jefferson Treasurers Office” would likely be adjacent to each other on those lists. Also, payee names vary so the site may prompt you to verify a name based on what you typed if it is not exactly what they have. In that case, Jefferson PUD would likely show up as a option then as well.

Once a property tax payment is made to us by wire mistakenly, it was very difficult for us to untangle the error. Now these payment attempts are blocked. But the fate of similar errors in the future will have nothing to do with the PUD.

We strongly urge customers making payments to Jefferson County for their property taxes to use extreme caution when making payments online through their banks. We recommend you pay your taxes by mail or in person at the Courthouse or at a participating drop off location such as a “brick and mortar” bank.



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