Change over to groundwater wells complete west of Four Corners

As per the City of Port Townsend’s schedule to get their new water treatment plant online, today the PUD turned over the source water for LUD#3 (or South Hastings Loop) from the City of Port Townsend’s surface water to ground water from the PUD’s Quimper water system. In the coming days, some customers will notice minor changes in water quality as the new source contains more hardness than they are used to. Hardness, a measure of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium carbonate, can cause spotting on glassware and fixtures and over time can build up in pipes. To prevent lead and copper problems, we add a phosphate as a precaution; the source water itself is not corrosive. The source we use in the Quimper water system and water within distribution regularly meets or exceeds state and federal health standards. Water sampling will be taken during this transition period to monitor water quality as the system stabilizes.

For more information regarding the swap to Quimper water sources, contact Bill Graham at or call Customer Service at (360) 385-5800.

For more information online, please see the post describing the change over to well water here.




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