Budget Billing Plan

Frigid temperatures can lead to drastic changes in monthly electric bills. Updates to the PUD’s budget billing plan can help normalize monthly average billing year-round.

A variable budget plan was approved by the Jefferson PUD Board of Commissioners to address budget billing concerns month-to-month.

For many, monthly electric bills can rise $100-$200 more than normal because of frigid weather. Customers who sign up for the PUD’s budget billing program avoid big month-to month-swings by paying a bill calculated by a rolling average over the previous 12 months usage. The variable budget plan helps bills stay steady and predictable, no matter the weather.

PUD staff analyzed existing PUD budget billing programs–fixed budget program and variable budget program–and determined the variable budget model as a better benefit to customers by avoiding large unpaid balances due to drastic changes in power usage over the previous year’s average.

How does the Variable Budget Plan work?

Customers who have at least twelve months (12) of billing history at a service location may request to be placed on the plan. Customers will be billed each month for 1/12th of their rolling twelve-month average usage.

Each bill will be slightly different, but the changes will be small and provide the least surprises.

Already signed up for the PUD’s Fixed Budget Billing?

Current fixed budget billing enrollees will be notified by letter of the PUD’s move to the variable billing plan. A phone call from PUD customer service staff will also go out to customers with additional information, as well as updates via the PUD’s monthly newsletter.

You can sign up for Budget Billing through SmartHub or call customer service to enroll: 360-385-5800.

More info: Budget Billing Page



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