Budget Billing Program

Frigid winter temperatures and soaring summer heat can lead to drastic changes in monthly electric bills. The PUD’s budget billing plan can help normalize monthly average billing year-round.

What is Variable Budget Billing?

Variable Budget Billing provides customers with more predictability by averaging actual power usage over the previous 12 months into each monthly utility bill. The calculated amount is a rolling average for the previous 12 months of usage, meaning bills stay at a predicable level, no matter the weather. Please note: The amount each month is not a fixed amount. Totals can vary slightly month-to-month based upon previous usage, but changes will be small and provide the least surprises. See chart below.

Does your Home Qualify?

Customers who have at least twelve months (12) of billing history at a service location may request to be placed on the plan.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for Budget Billing is easy through SmartHub or by calling customer service to enroll: 360-385-5800.

Previous Budget Billing Customer?

The PUD’s Variable Budget billing replaces the previous fixed billing style to aid in helping customers better manage for annual year-ending balance (known as “true-up”). Fixed billing (which was based upon a set twelve month cycle) could lead to considerable difference in year-to-year averaging and the year-end true-up amount when annual re-averaging occurs between their July & August bills.

PUD customer service staff have reached out to customers on the previous fixed budget billing. Customers enrolled in the previous fixed budget billing program must first complete a “true-up” of any remaining year-end balance. Once the account balance reaches a zero dollar amount ($0.00), customers may register for the variable budget billing program.

For more information about the true-up process, please contact our customer service at (360) 385-5800.


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