Three New Citizen Advisory Board Members Appointed

The PUD Board of Commissioners on February 16, 2016 assigned 3 new members to the Jefferson PUD Citizen Advisory Board. The PUD CAB was formed in 2013 to help inform the board regarding utility issues from a citizen/owner perspective. In the recent past, the board has provided valuable feedback regarding the PUD’s budget, its energy efficiency program allocation, smart metering and low income assistance.

New members include:

Peter Lauretzen, a former electrical engineer and professor at the University of Washington and consultant brings a diverse career in education. electronics and the power industry to the CAB from Port Townsend (District 1).

Representing District 2 is Roger Risley, a retired, fish and wildlife tech and current orchardist.  Roger brings a wide range of natural resource experiences to the board including a bachelor arts in public policy from Western Washington University’s Huxley College. He is also a net metering customer.

From Port Ludlow (District 3) comes Doug Huber, who is retired from “The Boeing Company on the military side of the house in Engineering Operations and System Testing”. He is also active on several local boards.

Each board member is selected by the commissioner in the district in which the citizen resides. The term is one year. The CAB meets the 2nd Monday of each month from 2:30 to 4:30 at the PUD’s 310 Four Corners Address.  The meetings are public and recordings of the meetings are on the PUD website at



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