Senior Low-Income Rate Reduction Program Updated

Jefferson County PUD commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday, February 20th raising the eligibility limit for seniors, providing utility rate savings to more income-qualified customers.

Any customer over the age of sixty-two (62) with a household annual income of less than $33,947 per year is eligible to receive discounted rates on electric, water, sewer, and broadband accounts. The income threshold was raised 4.1% from the 2023 amount of $32,610.

Image of reader boar din PUD customer service lobby.
Commission meeting agendas are posted in our 310 Four Corners Rd customer service lobby, as well as information about our payment assistance programs.

There are 520 residents currently enrolled in the PUD’s senior rate program. Qualifying seniors can receive a $55.51 per month credit on their electric bill, $17.25 monthly credit on PUD water charges, 30% discount on PUD wastewater charges, and a $20 discount on monthly broadband service from the PUD. Approved customers are eligible for reduced rates for 2 years before they must reapply for the program.

The PUD’s rate reduction programs (both senior and standard low-income) are reviewed annually, ensuring each meet or exceeds federal poverty guidelines and aligns with updates from the WA Secretary of the Dept of Health and Human Services.

Federal poverty level is based upon gross income determined by the number of residents in a household. Countywide, approximately 11.2% of residents are considered within federal poverty level. The board-approved senior program qualifications are currently equal to approximately 225% of federal poverty level (percentage based on a single income household), or 166% of poverty level for a 2-person household.

To learn more about the PUD’s payment assistance programs, please visit our website here.

To apply for the senior low-income rate program, customers must submit an application which is available online here or at the PUD’s 310 Four Corners Rd customer service office. The application must be printed and returned to our customer service office. Customer service representatives are available to assist with program questions by calling (360) 385-5800.



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