PUD Water System Plan update: APPROVED

Jefferson PUD’s Water System Plan update was approved November 30, 2022. Plan approval by the Washington State Departments of Health and Washington State Department of Ecology and Jefferson County marks the culmination of 4 years of work by PUD resource managers and consultants.

Approval reaffirms the PUD’s right to provide water service to its current and future areas with its existing water rights. Wellhead protection was revised based on actual and projected well production, rather than worst case maximum 24/7/365 use scenarios.

With the re-evaluation of the capacity for each system, additional connections were granted to most systems based on use, leakage, source, storage, and water right limitations.

The water system plan contains the PUD Board’s policies and procedures, financials, system details, capital improvement plans and source protection strategies for all 9 of the PUDs large water systems (those with greater than 15 connections).

The PUD listed anticipated necessary capital improvements required to continue supplying safe, reliable water to our customers in order to be eligible for state sponsored funding.

The plan details conservation targets on the customer and supply side, including how the PUD will achieve and maintain the state standard of 10% or less distribution leakage for each system.

The state-mandated plan update remains in effect until 2023, effective immediately.

To view the approved Water System Plan and its 3 volumes, please visit:


Sparling wellhead and filtration system.



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