Please read this if you pay through your bank

One thing we had to do when we set up the new service was change all our customer account numbers. For most of our customers – those who mail us a check – this has not been a problem for either the customer or the PUD. But if you use your bank to pay your bill, we ask that you do one thing:

Please use your new account number and not your old one with a “-“.

The reason is that if you use your old account number on a bank check that is mailed it to us, the old number slows down the processing of your payment by forcing a manual input into the new system to record your payment.  That delay in registering your payment may result in the PUD sending you shutoff notice even if you sent us a payment.  It prevents us from using some of the efficiencies the district purchased when it changed its billing and payment systems.

Please help us take advantage of the advanced technology of our new system by using your new account number when going to your bank to make a payment. We appreciate your help!




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