Building Resiliency for Future Growth

A message from PUD District 2 Commissioner, Ken Collins.

The biggest challenge that the PUD has faced since 2013 is bringing an aging electrical infrastructure up to contemporary standards.

To achieve this goal, the PUD has been building a fiber optic network to electronically link remote switching apparatus called “reclosers”, back to the PUD. This kind of configuration is called a “SCADA” system, meaning Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This allows the PUD to use a computer at the office to cut power and isolate problem areas rather than sending a crew out to cut the power and limit the number of customers affected by fallen branches or other problems. 

Another component of system modernization is replacement of our aging electrical meters with AMI meters. An AMI system enables the PUD to remotely cut or restore power instantly, again avoiding the cost of sending out a truck and technician, while providing customers with precise information about how much power is being used at any particular time. Making the system more efficient and resilient requires millions of dollars but in the long run will reduce outages and save money.

We have seen big changes to the PUD over the years and, moving forward, the community will continue to benefit from the utility decisions happening today. 

Commissioner Collins addresses the crowd during the 10 Year of Public Power public luncheon.



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