New Fiber Project in Development for Discovery Bay, Anderson Lake Rd.

Jefferson PUD is applying for funding from the State of Washington’s Public Works Board to build out a fiber network to homes and businesses along the eastern edge of Discovery Bay and on Anderson Lake Road.

Jefferson County PUD laid the groundwork for this project in 2020 by leasing access to the Bonneville Power Authority’s fiber trunk line running from Olympia to Port Angeles along the eastern flank of the Olympic National Park and Forest. This project would also build off of fiber installed in the planned Quilcene to Discovery Bay project. If awarded construction would begin in 2022.

PUD fiber will offer minimum speeds of 100mbps upload and download, with gig or higher speeds also available. Fiber also means almost zero lag or latency in service, unlike satellite. Monthly cost for service is likely to begin at $65/mo before taxes. Low-income rates will be available. Voice over internet phone service will also be available. Although the PUD plans to be an internet service provider for connections built in this area, PUD fiber is “open access.” That means connected residents will have the option to choose a different service provider if available.

To help improve the PUD’s chances of receiving a $2M grant from the Public Works Board, residents and businesses in the project area are asked to send in letters of support for the project. This can be done online via the survey below or by filling out the paper survey and support letter included in a pre-paid return address postcard that will be sent to all properties in the project areas the last week of July. The PUD needs all support letters, either digital or paper, returned by Monday September 27th 2021. The more we get the better our chances. We need support from residents and businesses in the project area to make this a reality!

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