Landlord-Tenant Agreements

Landlord Services are designed to help rental property owners efficiently manage electric utility moves and changes for rental units. These services are available for all landlord or property management companies.

Authorization to bill tenant form can be found by clicking on the link.

Let us help you save time. Electric service is automatically transferred to the landlord’s name when the tenant requests service to be stopped.

We’ll help you save money. We waive the normal Account Service Charge when the account is transferred into your name in between tenants.

Guarantee continuous service between tenants. Automatic service transfer means the electric service remains active, allowing you to clean, show the property to prospective tenants and provide security. Continuous power also offers protection to the unit’s plumbing system during cold winter months.

Automatic Shutoff.   Should you not select to have the power bill revert back to you the PUD will physically disconnect the meter on the tenant’s requested termination date.  Turn on costs will then revert to the Landowner or new tenant.

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What you need to know about Landlord Services

Before allowing the tenants move in, it’s a good idea to verify that they have transferred electrical service into their name. You are financially responsible when service to the unit is still tied to your name. It is not in their name until all charges are paid to include a deposit if required and we have the application for service signed by the tenant and you; on that date the account is transferred into the renter’s name.

  • As an extension to Landlord Services, you can specify automatic transfer of service to your name if the tenant’s service is scheduled for shut off due to non-payment.
  • If the property is sold, it is your responsibility to contact us so that we can cancel these services.
  • When the tenant notifies the PUD that he is leaving the date he gives us as his last day is the date the account goes back to the Landlord or it is disconnected.  If you elect the continuous service option the PUD will attempt to send the Landlord an e-mail notifying the landlord of the end of service date.
  • If the tenant application does not include the option to transfer into the landowner, the power will be turned off on the date the tenant identifies.  The landowner or next tenant will be responsible for the connect charge.