Water, Sewer, Streetlight Base Rates

Beginning January 5th, Jefferson PUD water, sewer, and streetlight service customers will see a base rate increase on billing.

The increase is the final of a 4-year slate of approved increases by the PUD board of commissioners.

Base rate increases help cover the cost of service, materials, infrastructure maintenance and replacement, and capital improvements for nearly 5,000 water customers, sewer and septic customers, and streetlight operations countywide.

Sample water bill statement for Kala Point residents.
Sample water bill statement for Kala Point residents.

Current water system rates can be viewed here. To view the PUD’s  water rate schedule, click here. Please note: Customers rate schedules are separate into categories: Standard, Kala Point, and Commercial. Customers in the Kala Point region carries several base rates, as shown on page 3 of the water rate schedule.

Residential customers who qualify for JPUD’s low-income program can receive a credit equal to thirty percent (30%) of the base fee and one hundred percent (100%) of the capital surcharge.

For current wastewater rates, click here (bottom of page). To view the approved PUD’s wastewater rate schedule, click here.

Jefferson PUD offers discounts for wastewater services to low-income senior citizens and qualified low-income customers. Program guidelines and income thresholds are defined under section 10.6 of our Customer Service Policy. Contact our customer service team to learn more about payment assistance programs by calling (360) 385-5800.



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