Fiber to the Home in East Quilcene

JPUD is making preparations to install overhead fiber to the exterior of homes at the end of Lindsey Hill Road on the Bolton Peninsula beginning the week of February 5th. We expect to begin interior PON equipment installs as early as the week of February 19th.

Notice was sent notice of these plans to all customers in the area who are both a) registered for fiber installation and b) receive overhead electric service. We are not connecting customers served with buried electric at this time. The approximately 18 eligible customers were informed that they could sign up for monthly internet service from the PUD or from one of our Qualified Internet Service Providers (QISPs).

If you live in the area and are not registered, please sign up ASAP! There is no charge to the customer for fiber installation. The project is part of the PUD’s Olympic Fiber Corridor, which is funded by a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Washington State Broadband Office.

Registered customers do not need to be on site for the overhead drop installation. A representative for the household will need to be available for the equipment installation in the home.

The PUD will be announcing additional overhead connection areas on the Bolton Peninsula in the coming weeks as we get them scheduled with our crews. We will continue to post as each is announced.

Registered customers with underground (buried) electrical service will be scheduled at a later date this spring. The PUD will employ contractors to install all underground fiber. Overhead installations are done by PUD’s electrical line crew.

We are excited to connect you and your neighbors to our 10 Gig fiber network! Questions? Email or visit our full FAQ page here to learn more.



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