Fiber Construction Begins – East Quil Pilot

Over the past two years, Jefferson County PUD has been awarded tens of millions of federal and state dollars to build fiber internet to rural Jefferson County. In late-June, the PUD will finally begin construction.

PUD line crews will begin hanging fiber optical cable on power poles running along county roads crossing the Bolton Peninsula between Quilcene and Dabob Bays. The PUD is using the Bolton Peninsula as a pilot project or proof of concept before expanding construction to all areas between Quilcene and Gardiner.

Hanging fiber on the poles is the first phase of construction. As the fiber will largely follow the electric path, the PUD will employ contractors to install underground fiber in the weeks following the start of overhead construction. After the completion of overhead and underground fiber, another contract crew will connect the fiber passing by on the road to the homes of residents who sign up for installation.

Residents in the area are encouraged to sign up for fiber as soon as possible. PUD staff will begin going door to door the week of June 12th to let residents of the Bolton Peninsula know that fiber is coming. They’ll also do a quick property survey to note any barriers to installation.

Sign up is easy and installation comes at no cost for the first 60% of residents in the greater project area (Quilcene-to-Gardiner, not just the Bolton Peninsula). But residents on the Bolton Peninsula who do not register for installation during the pilot project will risk the ability to have super-fast fiber internet on the PUD’s 10-Gig network in the coming months.



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