Budget Billing Program

Depending on the season, the amount due on your utility bill can vary widely.

The PUD’s Budget Billing program provides customers with more predictability. That’s because Budget Billing allows you to pay the same amount every month by averaging your bill over a twelve month cycle.

Instead of a residential customer seeing potential swings from $92 in the summer to $212 in the winter, a Budget Billing customer might pay $144 per month all year long. Consider signing up for auto-pay for an even more convenient bill-paying option.

At the end of every twelve month cycle the Budget Bill is re-averaged to account for any changes in annual consumption and rates. Re-averaging typically takes place in July and the updated average shows up on the bill you receive in August. Click here to see an example of a budget billing statement.

New Rolling Average Option

For customers whose bills grew considerably during a twelve month cycle, or who carry a large balance, the annual re-averaging can lead to a large change between their July & Aug. bills.

To help these customers, the PUD is introducing a new rolling average option for Budget Billing users. The rolling average is calculated from the twelve months preceding each month’s bill. Each bill will be slightly different, but the changes will be small and provide the least surprises. See chart below:

To sign up for either version of budget billing or to switch from the old program to the new, call customer service  at (360) 385-5800 and they can set you up in minutes. Notice: new applicants for budget billing must have 12 months of billing history and the account needs to be at zero to set up for budget billing.