PUD Email Updates: How they Work

You can keep up with news from the PUD by signing up to receive email updates every week, once a month, or any time we have significant or breaking news that we want to share immediately. The updates will be delivered to your email inbox and can be read easily on a mobile phone or desktop computer. Sign up is simple, and so is unsubscribing.


Delivered every Wednesday at 2pm, this update is automatically generated by pulling the latest PUD news articles, events, and meeting recordings from our website and sending them to your inbox. Find about about topics for upcoming board meetings, read recent press releases or features, and get a link to review the latest audio recording from a PUD board meeting. The weekly updates will contain all the info delivered in the PUD monthly print newsletter as well as additional articles and links to stories about the PUD, but in an easier to read format suitable for computer or phone. (Note: the email newsletter will only contain automatically generated excerpts and links. Follow links to read full articles on our website).


Delivered every third Wednesday at 2pm, the Monthly update is like the Weekly update, except it pops into your inbox less often. Instead of containing excerpts and links to three news articles it has five. It also has links to upcoming meetings and past recordings, and will contain all the info included in the monthly print newsletter, but in an easier to read format suitable for computer or phone. If you move to paperless billing, we recommend signing up for this email to keep in the know about happenings at the PUD. After all, you are the public in public utility. (Note: It is not recommended to sign up for both Weekly and Monthly updates as they contain the same material, just in different frequencies of delivery)


Giant outage, water boil order, earthquake, tsunami, or surprise decision at a PUD board meeting? You’ll find out about it as it happens by signing up for the Newsflash. However, these emails will not be sent often, so if you just want to keep up with ongoing PUD news, please also sign up for the Weekly or Monthly Update.



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