GM Search Process 2018

Jefferson County PUD has contracted with Mycoff, Fry & Prouse to select a new General Manager. The search will involve a multi-stage process detailed below. It is currently underway and is expected to conclude in the Spring of 2018. The first round of public input on an ideal candidate profile for the potential GM was held on Dec 19th. Results from the meeting can be obtained here. Additional public comment on the GM search can be sent to More info about Mycoff, Fry, & Prouse is available here, as is a the GM job description.


January 9, 5pm Jefferson Transit

Two-hour Executive Session for purpose of evaluating qualifications in Port Hadlock, including review of long-list report and resumes. Scott gathers input and recommends 4-6 candidates for interview. Scott’s decision will be independent of the board unless the Board wants to act in a public meeting.

January 22 & 23

JPUD Board, Don, Scott, and Rick interview finalists in Port Hadlock. Likely a day-and-a-half to two-day exercise. It is preferred to interview no more than three candidates per day.

By Feb 2

  • Additional research conducted on top candidates including reference checks.
  • Executive Session with the board; Scott discusses candidates’ qualifications. Scott recommends two finalist candidates a few days after the executive session unless board wants to act in a public meeting. Scott’s decision will be independent of the board unless the board wants to act in a public meeting.
  • Commissioners select panelist members to assist in advisory capacity during finalist interview round.
  • Panelists execute non-disclosure agreement before finalist interview round.

Between Feb 12 and 23

  • Two finalists interview with Commissioners, approved advisory panel members, and consultants (McDaniel, Hughes, Fry) in executive session.
  • Panelist roles are advisory-only with a purpose to provide feedback to the Commissioners and Scott regarding the candidates’ qualifications.
  • Scott receives input from all parties and this stage of the exercise closes with a meeting between Scott, Commissioners, and consultants to review and evaluate finalist candidate qualifications.
  • Board meets in a public meeting to determine candidate ranking.
  • Board meets in executive session to provide preliminary negotiation details for consultant. Final action regarding negotiation will take place on open public meeting.

End of February to Early March

  • Negotiations completed with top candidate, board approves employment agreement and a resolution at a regular meeting, after first considering and discussing the contract and resolution at a prior regular meeting.
  • Start date established (typically around 30 days following execution of the employment agreement).

March to Early April

Successful candidate begins employment.