2018 GM Selection feedback

Feedback gathered from a community workshop held on Dec. 19th to allow Commissioners to solicit input from communities and concerned stakeholders on the ideal candidate profile.


Question 1: What is the most important characteristic that Commissioners should look for in the next General Manager?

No Stepping Stones
No Manipulators/Charmers
Well Articulated Vision
Humble, Yet Competent
Building Up Employees through Listening
No Coasting “Last Job” before retirement
Long Term Commitment
Patience and Honesty
Resides in Service Territory
Embraces Engaged/Informed Community
Strategic Thinker
Open Minded
Able to Change Mind w/ New Info
Educator: Plan, Organize, Motivate
Visibility and Flexibility
Public Relations Skills
Big Picture Thinker/Admin Skills
Able to Delegate
RUS Experience
State Auditor Experience
20 Year Vision
Technical Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
People Skills
CHARACTER (depth, solidness, trustworthiness)

Question 2: What is the most important professional experience that the next General Manager should have?

RUS Experience: Ability to Manager Tier
Senior Management in Utility w/ Clean Audits
MBA/ Masters in Engineering 5 years w/ Utility
MST- masters in small town
Senior Management in Electric Utility
Engineering Background/Degree
Contracting Management Certification
Willingness to use Established Research
Track Record of Engagement/Trust
PUD Experience
Project Management Professional Certificate
Engineering or Utility Background who has solved major problems
Came Up thru the Ranks of Similar Sized Utility
Open, Able to have 2 way conversations
Organizational Management Skills
Help Board Develop Vision
Experience with large (75%) outages
Able to Draw a Hard/Clear line w/ Crew/Contractors
Proper Thought Process Drawn from Difficult PUD Exp.

Question 3: What is the most important immediate issue that the next General Manager should address?

Communicator/Ability to Deal w/ Public
Hire CFO
Formally Set up Missing Policies/Procedures/Job Descriptions
New/Expanded Operations Facility Project Management
Engaging with the Public
Deal with Meters
Resolve Community Concerns with Smart Meters
Understand Difference Between Manager Role/Board Role
Bring Broadband Services to Rural Jefferson County
Manage PUD Communications
PUT PUD Smart Meters on Backburner
Rebuild Trust w/ Community
Review Upcoming Projects/Contracts with Fresh Eye
Fix Communications Void
Provide Reliable Service at lowest cost over long term
Do More to Inform Public
Educate Public
Focus Resources Strategically, Prioritize

Question 4: What should be the most important long-term goal for JPUD?

Conservation in the face of expansion while staying solvent
Provide the best service at the best cost
Keep in touch with other utilities
Maintain Existing Infrastructure while providing for the ability to absorb new sources
Help PUD be Sustainable while Resources Diminish
Electrify Everything but Balance Conservation with Demand
Balance Technology without Sacrificing Jobs
Long term Energy Self Reliance
Localize Energy Resource Production
Efficient Use of Personnel
Increased Use of Sustainable Energy Sources
Rate Stabilization
Collaborate with Other Government Entities for Economic Investment
Pay Down/Manage Debt
Develop Response To Severe Emergencies, Including Coordinated Response
Create Long Term Measurable Strategic Plan
Create Resilient Reliable Infrastructure Grid
Find Local Energy Generation Sources
Manage and Honor BPA Contract
Financially Sound
Engage Public Proactively
Find Ways to Enhance Local Economy
Make Long term Investments
Be Strategic, Stable, Synergistic
Provide Broadband as an investment to Community

Question 5: What is the best way for the next General Manager to communicate with the public?

Be an Administrator and a Delegator
Open Door Policy
Newsletter in Every Bill
Improve Website
Access to General Manager
Provide Broadband to Rural Areas
Plan Meetings in Advance to be able to highlight in bill, etc.
Have Meeting at More Reasonable Times For Participants
Full Transparency
Prioritize the Public in PUD
Improve Accessibility/Scanability of Audio Recordings (transcription?)
Video Recording of Meetings
Public Input in Hiring
Keep up with Current Issues, Controversy
Get out into the Public, Kiss Babies, Shake Hands
Be able to wear a lot of hats
Communicate as many ways as Possible
Be Visible to the Public
Be Accessible and Comfortable with it
Delegate Properly