Washington’s consumer-owned utilities are required to complete the Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP) template by Jan. 1, 2022. The CEIP documents how a utility intends to comply with Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA)’s clean energy and equity requirements over the next four years and make progress towards the 2030 greenhouse gas neutral and 2045 greenhouse gas free standards.

As a tier 1 BPA customer, The PUD meets and exceeds the CETA requirement of using 80% or greater combined renewable and non-emitting resources for its retail load over the next four years and through 2030. However, to complete the equity requirements of the plan, the CEIP further requires the PUD to identify, through a public process, both vulnerable populations who might be affected by the costs and benefits of adopting CETA standards and indicators of costs and benefits incurred through the PUD’s adoption of CETA standards.

The PUD completed the process in December and the CEIP was adopted by the PUD’s BOC on December 21st and submitted to the state on Dec 27th, 2021.

Final Clean Energy Implementation Plan

CETA CEIP Survey Questions