Community Solar Project

The PUD Community Solar project is currently on hold. More info to come.


Jefferson County PUD is in the early stages of planning its first ever community solar project. We want to know how many of our customers would be interested in taking part. Please click the link below to fill out our Community Solar Survey!

  • Become a PUD Power Producer!
  • Help Jefferson County get closer to 100% carbon free electricity
  • Build More Solar Power in our community
  • Increase our energy resiliency
  • Save money on your power bill over time

Take the Community Solar Project Survey to help us estimate community interest  in the project.

Project Description

  • Location: PUD lot at corner of Kearney and Lawrence in Port Townsend
  • When will the array start producing energy: estimated Summer 2020
  • Total size of the array: ~100 kW DC, 90 kW AC inverter
  • Annual Production: ~100,000 kWh, with a 0.5% degradation each following year.
  • How much to participate: $100 per unit
  • How many units available: est. ~4000
  • How much will the project cost: ~ $400,000
  • Number of panels: 326 each with a 320 W capacity