Management & Staff

Larry Dunbar, General Manager

A lifelong Washingtonian, Larry Dunbar grew up near the Puget Sound, but spent most of his adult life leapfrogging the Cascade Mountains. He began his career in the utility business as an Energy Advisor for the Snohomish PUD before moving over to Richland where he spent 18 years as a Resource Manager for that city. From 2000-2012, Larry worked for the City of Port Angeles as Deputy Director of Public Works and Utilities.  He went back over the mountains in 2012 to serve as Energy Services Director for the City of Ellensburg prior to to accepting the job as General Manager of the Jefferson County PUD. Larry has three grown children: two sons in Washington State and a daughter in New York City.  email phone number: (360) 385-8340.

    • General Administration

      Annette Johnson, Executive Assistant/Public Records Officer email (360) 385-8351
      Debbie Lund, Human Resources Manager email (360) 385-8371
      Don McDaniel, Special Adviser to the PUD, CAB Liaison email 
      Will O’Donnell, Communications Manager email (360) 385-8369
    • Jean Hall, Customer Service Manager email (360) 385-8350

      Jeff Gordon, Customer Service Representative email (360) 385-5800
      Drew McKnight, Customer Service Representative email (360) 385-5800
      Pam Vreeken, Customer Service Representative email (360) 385-5800
      Maureen Whippy, Customer Service Representative email (360) 385-5800
      Janel Grabner, Utility Billing Clerk
      Kim Holt, Utility Billing Coordinator
      Jill Paddock, Utility Billing Clerk
      Marianne Kline, Meter Reader
      Matt Rivera, Meter Reader
    • Jimmy Scarborough, Senior Electrical Engineer email (360) 385-8376

      Russ Miller, Staking Engineer email (360) 385-8368
      Lori Rae, Operations Assistant email (360) 385-8358
      Scott Bancroft, Special Projects Coordinator email (360) 385-8363
      David Elias, SCADA Apprentice
      Tod Eisele, Substation and Metering Technician
      Colton Worley, SCADA Technician
    • Tammy Lehman, Interim CFO, Auditor  email (360) 385-8341

      Susan Carter, Utilibiz Finance Consultant
      Mike Bailey, Financial Services Manager
      Melissa Blair, Accounting Technician II
      Nate Tantum, Utility Accountant II
      Alyson Dean, Purchasing/Stores
      Gerrit Van Otten, Storeroom Keeper
    • Kris Lott, IT Manager

      Casey Finedell, GIS Specialist
      Rita Hoak, IT Support Technician

    • Operations Manager TBA

      Bo Lee, Foreman
      Eric Tharaldsen, Foreman
      Casey Alm, Journeyman Lineman
      Kurt Anderson, Journeyman Lineman
      Dylan Brackney, Journeyman Lineman
      Bill Cooper, Journeyman Lineman
      Jon Dehnert, Journeyman Lineman
      Jeremiah Jones, Journeyman Lineman
      Brian Van Ness, Journeyman Lineman

    • Bill Graham, Water Resource Manager email  (360) 385-8375

      Eric Storey, Water Treatment Plant Operator III (Water Crew Lead) email
      Tom Brooke, Meter Reader/Operator-in-training
      Randy Calkins, Water Distribution Manager II, Sewer Manager
      Jose Escalera, Water Distribution Manager II
      Doug Reeder, Water Distribution Manager II
      Jerry Rubert, Water Treatment Plant Operator III
For Additional Staff Contact Information
Call PUD Customer Service at (360) 385-5800