Variable Budget Billing – True-up Process

The PUD is converting all fixed budget billing electric service customers to its variable billing program. Converting from fixed to variable budget billing only applies to those currently enrolled in the program.

Variable billing provides customers more flexibility by averaging billing each month based upon the previous twelve months usage to reduce the annual true-up amount.

The PUD’s variable program allows for a slight month-to-month difference per billing as each is averaged over the previous 12 months usage. Monthly difference will be small and provide the least surprises.

Approximately 600 customers remain on our fixed budget program. Enrolled customers received a post card mailer, as well as a phone call from PUD customer service representatives about the true-up process.

What is true-up?

True-up means zeroing of the “Budget Settlement Amount” shown on billing. Customers with a budget settlement amount of $200 or more must complete a true-up ($0.00 amount billable remaining) for eligibility in the variable budget billing program. Please note: Customers with a settlement of less than $200 are automatically transitioned to the variable budget billing program.

How does True-up work?

To check your true-up amount, simply call PUD customer service at (360) 385-5800 or log on to your SmartHub portal to view your recent bill. The budget settlement amount can be paid instantly online, or over the phone (via our IVR system), or by stopping by our 310 Four Corners Rd customer service lobby.

The true-up amount can be a one-time payment or spread out in a payment plan with the PUD. To establish a payment plan, please call PUD customer service.

Credited amounts (customer owed by PUD) will be applied to monthly billing until the true-up amount reaches $0.00.

My true-up is all set, now what?

Enrollment in variable budget billing is still needed and only takes a few minutes.

To enroll, you’ll need to have at least twelve months (12) of billing history at a service location. Signing up is easy through SmartHub or by calling our customer service at (360) 385-5800.

To enroll via SmartHub, log on to your personal portal on, and click the “Budget Billing” link under the “Billing & Payments” tab. Budget billing status for your account will be shown here. If eligible, click “Enroll” to complete the application process.


If you have any questions regarding the true-up process or variable budget billing program, please contact our customer service team at (360) 385-5800.



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