Rental Property Service Authorization

Before the Tenant Moves in:

Property Owners or Managers are financially responsible for all utility services to any property in their name. Utility services provided by the PUD do not become the tenant’s responsibility until completed copies of the following forms and all associated fees and payments have been received and processed by the PUD:

  • Rental Property Service Authorization filled out by the Property Owner or Manager
  • Application for Service: filled out by the authorized Tenant.

Before allowing the tenants move in, the PUD recommends Property Owners or Managers verify that the tenant has applied for utility service from the PUD.

 After the Tenant Moves out:

When the tenant notifies the PUD that they are leaving the property, the Property Owner or Manager has two options, and must choose one of them in the authorization:

  1. Continuous Service: service reverts to the Property Owner or Manager on or after the date the tenant’s last day of service. This option assures the property will have all the services it needs to remain functional and safe between occupancy. The PUD will attempt to notify by email the Property Owner or Manager that service has been transferred on the date the tenant gives the PUD as their last day of service. No charges will be assessed for the service transfer.
  2. Disconnect Service: Utility services are disconnected on or following the date indicated by the tenant as their last day of service. The Property Owner or Manager or tenant will then be responsible for connection charges when service is restored.

If the Property Owner or Manager has multiple rental properties in the PUD’s service territory and the option for “blanket authorization” is chosen, the choice of “Continuous” or “Disconnect” service will apply to all properties. If the Property Owner or Manager needs to vary the options per property, they will need to write to or speak with Customer Service to do so.