Jefferson County PUD is applying for state funding to expand gigabit fiber connections to businesses in Port Townsend from Fort Worden to Glen Cove.

The funding would allow the PUD to offer fiber symmetrical gig service (1gbps up and down) starting at a cost of $100 per month.* Symmetrical gig service from the PUD would offer the fastest speeds in the county day and night. No more buffering from midday network congestion, and no more teleconferencing lags.

Symmetrical gig service is currently unavailable in Port Townsend except on PUD wholesale networks. Current connections on the PUD network have come at either high construction costs to the business receiving the fiber or to the PUD for installing the fiber. Construction costs for this project would be averaged over the entire area and spread out over 15 years on a 0.42% interest loan from the state Public Works Board. Businesses who wish to sign up for PUD fiber service could either pay the averaged construction cost up front or spread out over a five year period for only $20 more per month.

In order to qualify for the loan, the PUD needs to demonstrate substantive interest from local business. If your business wants the fastest internet upload speeds in the county at a great monthly price, please fill out the survey below as soon as possible and before April 25th. Also consider sending us a signed letter of support via email to If the PUD is successful in its application, connections could begin as early as late 2022.

*Single service units only. Multi-tenant buildings or businesses may incur other or additional costs. Please contact for more information.

JPUD Business Broadband Survey

Support Survey for PUD Public Works Board Loan Application

Service Address(Required)
address for location where internet is installed
What type of business do you operate
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Who provides internet to your internet today?
Satellite or cellular data providers do not count as providers of wired internet service
Does your business experience any of the following issues with internet?
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Does your business get the speeds that you pay for from your current internet provider?(Required)
Would your business be interested in PUD fiber service starting at $100/mo for gig(Required)
Does your business need any of the following?
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Are you willing to publicly support the PUD's application to build fiber to businesses in the PT area?(Required)
Answering yes to this question will be used as a formal endorsement of the PUD's project application. Demonstration of support in the project area helps strengthen our case for funding. You can also email a signed letter of support to

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