Can you advise when deployment will begin for the FTTU deployment in Quilcene, and Discover Bay, and when you expect completion?

We are planning the employment starting April of 2022 and the expected completion would be April of 2023.

Do you have a network diagram for the proposed deployment?

Here is  a link to our website of the areas: https://www.jeffpud.org/project-areas  The one labeled Quilcene – Discovery Bay is the one area for this RFP.

Where will the Core Routers be located?

Core Router will be located at 310  Four Corner Rd, Port Townsend WA 98368

What are your plans to expand to other locations within the county? Can you provide any details regarding future sites and network connectivity?

Expansion area are shown in link above.

We will response the RFP as written. Can we propose an alternative solution as well for consideration?

You must respond to the RFP as written. However if you want to provide an additional , alternate proposal for a portion to the RFP, we will accept an additional RFP response as an alternative. But we would like to clarify what “ Alternative Solution” means.

For Standard Residential and Standard Residential wifi ONTs specified in RFP Sections 2.52.(3&4), 2.53.(3&4) and 2.54.(3&4), does the RFP specify two or four ethernet ports on these ONT Types?

In these sections, the RFP has a written “two” and a number “4” as the minimum number of ethernet ports for the Standard Residential and Standard Residential WIFI ONT types.  The correct number is four (4) and the minimum number of ethernet ports for these RFP type is four (4).

Should respondents ship product in a single shipment or three (3) Shipments to each deployment location?

Product Shipment should be made as a single shipment to 310  Four Corner Rd, Port Townsend WA 98368