Meter Replacment Process

Installation of advanced meters is free, quick and easy–typically taking our Meter Readers 15 minutes or less to complete.

Utility customers do not need to be home during the time of installation.

The meter replacement process does require momentary loss of power to the home, so we ask that customers with special needs, or those with life support equipment at the residence please contact our Customer Service staff to help coordinate appropriate accommodations.

Below are some common questions regarding our meter replacement and grid modernization process.

Jefferson PUD personnel will be replacing the electrical meter serving your property. In some cases, personnel may discover faulty electrical components or connections in the meter base. The meter base is where Jefferson PUD’s electrical facilities are attached to your service (i.e. home or business). If damaged or defective components are found in the meter base, PUD staff will not be able to re-energize the residence and a certified electrician will be required to repair the components. Jefferson PUD will cover the cost of repair, as necessary, to your homes meter base and related components. Due to a homeowner not needing to be onsite during the meter changeout process, and should the PUD identify any issues with meter base components, the PUD provides a Repair Release Form for owners to authorize the PUD to schedule an on-call electrician to repair any meter base components. This release form covers meter base repairs during the AMI installation process.


Meter Replacement FAQ

    • A PUD Meter Reader will arrive at your residence and conduct a door knock to inform the resident of the work to be done.

      PUD Meter Reader staff members will be wearing approved safety gear for meter replacements with Jefferson PUD insignia and ID card. PUD staff will maintain proper social distancing protocol during interactions with residents.

      PUD staff will not need to enter your home for the upgrade.

      Whether the resident is home or not, the PUD staff member will leave behind a notice of the work completed or a notice indicating that further work must be done prior to the meter being replaced.

    • PUD staff are conducting AMI meter installations countywide at this time. Replacement of the meter does require a brief loss of power to the home and the homeowner does not need to be home during the time of replacement.



    • Meter replacement for residential homes averages about 15 minutes and does mean the electrical service will be disconnected during that time.

      Residents with life support equipment are urged to call the PUD prior to the installation date to coordinate an appropriate time or accommodations for meter replacement. Momentary loss of power to the home will require resetting of clocks and residents are urged to power-down devices such as desktop computers prior to the meter replacement.

      During the installation time our staff will inspect the meter housing and components (those owned and maintained by the homeowner), they will register the new meter (PUD-owned device), and install the meter and verify it is working properly and has a safety seal in place.

    • No. There is no need to be present during the meter replacement process, unless specifically requested or if our meter reader staff needs someone to provide access to the meter.

      If your meter is not accessible and Jefferson PUD staff does not have access (such as if the meter is behind a locked gate or obstructed in such a way that interferes our staff from safely working), please call out Customer Service line at (360) 385-5800 to schedule an appointment.

    • Jefferson PUD owns and maintains utility lines, transformers and other grid-based equipment leading to the service drop (point of  service) location on your home. From the service drop location to the meter base and then inside to the electrical panel is owned and maintained by the homeowner.

      The exterior of the meter base (the metal box typically located on the side or rear of your home) houses the meter itself, which is owned by the PUD and is the component being replaced.

      Damaged meter bases or related components maintained by the homeowner can disrupt meter replacement.

      PUD staff carefully inspects each meter base prior to installation of the new meter, and if damage is found on internal or external components, the homeowner will be immediately contacted or a door hanger will be provided with further instructions. If a meter base or related component is found to be damaged the PUD cannot re-energize the home until the damaged components are repaired by a verified electrician.

      PUD staff can provide a list of on-call electricians and the PUD will cover the repair costs of meter base and related components, as necessary.

    • Please ensure nothing blocks access to your electric meter, such as locked gates, locked doors, trees, and bushes.

      If you have pets, please keep them inside during the upgrade.

      PUD staff will need 18 inches of clearance on each side of your meter and 36 inches in front of your meter.

    • You can schedule an appointment for your meter replacement if a short, planned service interruption will seriously impact you.

      Once you receive notification about your upcoming meter upgrade (at least 7 days prior to meter replacement), please call (360) 385-5800 to schedule an appointment with our Metering staff.