Commercial Efficiency Rebates

Energy-efficiency help for businesses large and small

Jefferson County PUD’s energy-efficiency incentives can help business customers install better lighting, refrigeration and other improvements, providing significant cost savings.

  • Lighting – Incentives help customers modernize lighting at their shops and buildings by paying part of the cost.
  • HVAC– Improve your heating and cooling systems and enhance the comfort of your building. Rebates are available for retrofit add-ons and for upgrading existing DHPs.
  • Connected thermostats – program operating schedules, temperature set-points and supply-fan operation during unoccupied periods to save energy.
  • Windows – add to the comfort and enhance the look of your business.
  • Insulation – Add to your building’s attic and/or walls and lower your electric bills.
  • Refrigeration– Large grocery chains, independent stores, restaurants or any facility with commercial refrigeration, can find energy-saving opportunities.

Custom Projects

To support energy savings in this highly variable sector, the PUD  supports custom energy efficiency projects. Custom projects encompass retrofit, new construction efficiency projects, and energy management specific to the needs of each customer. The program provides rebates for any project with verifiable electric energy savings, including large projects for commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. Some examples of projects include:

  • Variable Frequency Drive for Pumps, Fans, Motors & Compressors
  • Commercial Shell Measures
  • New Construction
  • HVAC Controls

for more information on commercial rebate programs call (503) 730-3122 or email