Rates for Electricity

Current JPUD Rates for Electrical Services: Effective March 1, 2018

    • This schedule is limited to residential service, which means service that is delivered through one meter to a single-family unit and is used principally for domestic purposes, even though such service may incidentally be used for nondomestic purposes.

      Electric Base Fee, Single Phase: $18.50

      Electric Base Fee, Three Phase: $27.00

      Electric Usage Charge, <600 kWh: $0.0882

      Electric Usage Charge, >600 kWh: $0.1070


    • This schedule is available to any Customer for general electric energy requirements other than Residential Service (as defined in Paragraph 1 of Schedule 1) and whose estimated or actual Demand is 50 kW or less.

      Electric Base Fee, Single Phase: $18.50

      Electric Base Fee, Three Phase: $34.00

      Electric Usage Charge: $0.1007

    • Secondary Voltage. Single phase or three phase where available. Demand Greater than 50 kW but less than or equal to 350 kW.

      Electric Base Fee: $60.00

      Demand Charge: $5.5 all Kw

      Electric Usage Charge: $0.0852

      Reactive Power Charge: $0.002830 per KVARH

    • Heating degree day (HDD) is a measurement designed to quantify the demand for energy needed to heat a building. If the outdoor temperature is a constant 65°F, a building will, in theory, not require heating.  HDDs are calculated by counting up the number of degrees lower the average outdoor daily temperature is than 65. You can use this as a general reference for how hard your heater has to work to keep you comfortable. A cold PNW winter day with an average temp of 33°F scores a 32 HDD, a spring day with 54°F garners an 11HDD. The greater the number, the more likely bills are to rise due to increased energy usage to heat a home.


      The report above is generated by the City of Tacoma for Peninsula Light Company in South Puget Sound. Many thanks to Penlight for their permission to use this monthly chart.

      Weather Data Depot also provides free heating degree day reports you can use to compare years based on weather stations near or in your zip code.


Note: All Base Fees and Energy Usage Charges  include Public Utility Tax (PUT) and Privilege Tax