Citizen Advisory Board

The Jefferson County PUD Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) meets monthly on the second Monday at 2:00pm in the Jefferson Transit Facility Boardroom at 63 Four Corners Rd. Meetings are open to the public.

The 9 Citizen Advisory Board Members are appointed for staggered 3 year terms by the PUD BOC. The purpose of the CAB is to provide advisory recommendations to the Board on matters requested by the board and those originating in the CAB. The CAB cannot create policy, it can only advise the BOC of its recommendations in regards to policy. The CAB meetings also provide an additional venue for public engagement with PUD policy and programs.

Chair: Doug Huber, Facilitator: Don McDaniel– Special Adviser to PUD

Members District 1:  Peter Lauritzen, Tom Engel, Larry Dennison

Members District 2: Roger Risley, Karen Bennett, Tim Tibbals

Members District 3: Doug Huber, Russ Michel, Norm Norton,

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