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Jefferson PUD is a member of Northwest Open Access Network or NoaNet, a non-profit corporation consisting of a consortium of public utility districts that sell wholesale telecommunications services.  In the summer of 2013, a new broadband network was completed in East Jefferson County with America Recovery Act grant funding with the intention of providing faster, more affordable broadband technology to community anchor institutions such as government, education, medical and public safety services.  The ARRAnetwork will be owned by the PUD, but operated and maintained by NoaNet.

While the grant was intended to serve community-based services, other businesses and organizations will be able to connect and receive service through internet service providers (ISP) utilizing the new network. Neither NoaNet, nor the PUD however can provide service to an end user such as an at-home customer so you will need to contact an ISP and ask them what enhanced services they can provide you.

NoaNet and the PUD want to know what services you are interested in.

Please fill out the service request form from their website . Your information will help us NoaNet_logodetermine which communities and neighborhoods need improved services.