Broadband Survey

Jefferson PUD is asking the community to be active participants in expanding a broadband network throughout the county. Go straight to survey by clicking here

[MOTE: the PUD legally cannot be the internet service provider for “end users” such as residential or commercial customers. All services must be billed through a service provider.]

Introduction Long before the FCC recognized broadband as a public utility, citizens and communities were finding a reliable internet connection. Broadband telecommunications, increasingly, is how people communicate, conduct business and access government services. It is, also, paramount to a community’s economic viability.

Jefferson PUD (PUD) owns and currently shares operations of a high-speed open-access fiber optic broadband network in Jefferson County for just 3 years. Most of the network was built in 2014 thanks to a federal grant and, to a lesser extent, our own operational needs as an electric utility. Almost all of the county’s schools, libraries, government offices, first responder buildings and major medical facilities have been connected to this broadband network via fiber optic lines and wireless devices. This has allowed these agencies to keep pace with the modern world; hospitals to transmit data and imagery, schools to stream content and instruction, and first responders to coordinate emergency response plans.

This is a community-owned network. Due to citizen’s requests, we are evaluating expanding this high-speed open-access broadband network to residences in Jefferson County.

We need to know! JPUD is asking the community to be active participants in expanding a broadband network throughout the county by completing a simple, fast, online survey.

Surveying the County JPUD has implemented the COS Service Zones software to help guide residential broadband deployment either through the PUD or another entity. This system will allow the public to see where there is demand to build broadband infrastructure and to request expansion into specific neighborhoods. The survey is now open! If you are a Jefferson County Resident please visit and help JPUD identify areas of interest.

COS Service Zones is a safe, secure encrypted web portal. Data will only be used for the purposes of this survey to improve your broadband services.

For more information, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions about broadband.

For a PDF of the FAQ, please clink the link here.