Rebate Measures and Amounts

The measures below are for single family detached homes. If you are income eligible, multifamily or manufactured please contact us directly for additional information. See contact information below.

For measures installed after 10-1-16*:
*The rebate amounts below are for jobs after 10/1/2016 only; rebate amounts for installations prior to then may vary. We will rebate back to purchases made 4/1/2015.

Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) – 3 options
For a list of qualified products use the link below.
NEEA list of qualifying heat pump water heaters.

    • Tier 1, Any size tank  – $300
    • Tier 2, Any size tank – $500
    • Tier 3, Any size tank – $500

Rebate available for single family homes only.

REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Rebate Form for HPWH

Ductless Heat Pumps (DHP) – 3 Options

  1. Zonal (electric baseboard  as existing system) – $800
  2. Portable space heater (billing history showing electric use) – $800
  3. FAF (electric forced air furnace as existing system) – $1,000

REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Rebate Form for DHPs – Electric heated homes Note: Ductless heat pump rebates are not available for new construction.

Ducted Heat Pumps and Duct Sealing  – There are several rebate options available. Some limitations may apply. Using list of participating installers will usually result in faster processing times.

  1. Non-variable speed heat pump upgrade  – $500
  2. Variable speed heat pump upgrade – $700
  3. Non-variable speed heat pump conversion from electric-forced air furnace – $1,400
  4. Variable speed heat pump conversion from electric-forced air furnace – $1,600
  5. Prescriptive or PTCS duct sealing – $250

    REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Rebate Form for Duct Sealing
    REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Rebate Form for PTCS Air Source Heat Pump

Insulation and Air Sealing For more technical questions about insulation, including rebate amounts, please call Bill Graham at (360) 385-8375.

REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Rebate Form for Insulation and Air Sealing

Windows – Qualifying window improvement must have a U-factor of .30 or less.  Rebate is $3 per square foot.

REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Windows Rebate Application Form

Appliances – Rebates offered for qualifying Energy Star clothes washers and driers.

REQUIRED FORM – Jefferson PUD Appliance Rebate Application form for clothes washers and driers.

Clothes Washers – 3 Options (Check Energy Star clothes washer database for product eligibility)

  1. CEE Tier 1 – $30
  2. CEE Tier 2 – $40
  3. CEE Tier 3 – $50

Refrigerators and freezers are no longer eligible for rebate after 10/1/2016

Clothes Drier – 1 Option (Energy Star clothes dryer database)

  1. Any Energy Star clothes dryer – $50