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Not everyone can afford the extra costs of keeping their homes heated during an extra cold winter. Some customers short of funding will try to tough it out with sweaters and blankets and chills; others will keep the power going but fail to be able to keep up with their bills, which can lead to credit collections or even service disconnects.

Jefferson County PUD started its low-income utility bill assistance program Power Boost in 2013 to help its customers stay warm and dry no matter the temperature or income level. The tagline of the program is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” PUD customers volunteer to pay extra on their own bill to help lower the bills of others.

Beginning in December of 2017, the PUD wants to make its assistance program easier still. Customers will be able to support neighbors in need simply by rounding up to the nearest dollar on their monthly PUD bills. You can check the box below the amount due bubble to round up one time, (make sure to also round up on the included check) or monthly (the PUD will automatically round up your bill to the nearest dollar). It’s even simpler on our Smart Hub online payment system. Your 15, 28, or 74 cent donation may not seem like much individually, but combined with our other 19,000 customers, it could do a lot of good for the hundreds of your neighbors who need help this holiday season, and all year long.

You can also add any additional amount from $5 to $50 to $150 on your monthly bill as either a one time or monthly donation to Power Boost. The demand for help this winter due to lower temperatures will be higher than before. The PUD does not deduct any administrative costs from the donations and partners with Olympic Community Action Program (OlyCAP) and St. Vincent de Paul [call them at (360) 379-1325] to distribute the funds to qualifying low income families, individuals, and seniors.

For more information on how to give or receive funding call our Customer Service department at (360) 385-5800. Donations are tax deductible. Help us help keep everyone in Jefferson County warm and dry this winter.

Power Boost Flier to print and mail in

Thank you for helping to make this a community that cares!