Power Authority History

In November 2008, Jefferson County citizens approved Proposition 1 authorizing Jefferson County PUD#1 to pursue the acquisition of power service for Jefferson County.power

The links to the documents below attempt to chronicle Jefferson County’s march to public power.

On May 3, 2010, the PUD accepted the terms of a non-binding letter of intent to purchase Puget Sound Energy’s Jefferson County assets and services. The PUD’s intent was to become the local power provider by May 2013 (actual date was April 1, 2013). The PUD also released three other documents 1) a background document explaining its actions to that point, 2) a list of frequently asked questions and 3) a joint statement between Puget Sound Energy and the PUD. Links to these four documents can be found below as well as a graph of a comparison of rates:

1) Non-binding Letter of Intent

2) PUD-PSE Joint Statement

3) Background Information

4) Jefferson PUD Power FAQ UPDATE 1/16/2012

5) Graph of Rate Comparison

Other important power authority-related documents:

Official Returns for November 2008 election for Proposition 1, including ballot language.

Historic contract with Bonneville Power Administration and JPUD, June 30, 2010.

Letter to BPA requesting firm electric service , dated June 14, 2010 from JPUD

Electrical System Financing Plan by A. Dashen and Associates, May 2010

Official Returns 1940 election shows initial election results for the ballot measure to authorize the formation of a PUD.

A list of early PUD resolutions showing how the PUD was set up and its operating procedures.

Franchise agreement with Jefferson County

Request for Service letter from BPA , dated November 9, 2009.

Asset Purchase Agreement with PSE signed on Friday, June 4, 2010.

Resolution 2010 – 008 Agreement to acquire PSE’s Jefferson County power service and infrastructure.

Jefferson PUD Utility Development Plan, June 2010 developed by Brown and Kysar, Inc.

PowerPoint presentations by D Hittle & Associates regarding What’s Next? and Acquisition Analysis from workshop at Tri-Area Community Center, Chimacum, January 14, 2009.

Preliminary Feasibility Study Public Utility District No. 1 of Jefferson County Electric System Acquisition – D. Hittle & Associates study, final version released in 2008.

Electric Service Evaluation for East Jefferson County – D. Hittle & Associates performed this study in 2000 to evaluate the existing electrical service in East Jefferson County. The evaluation was needed prior to any decisions involving the PUD entering the public power business.

Projected Economic Impacts of Adding Electrical Distribution Services to PUD#1 of Jefferson County This follow-up study was performed in 2005 by Seattle University professor Paul Sommers.  He looked at the impacts on both the PUD and the local community if the PUD provided public power minus capital facilities costs from a new or existing distribution system.

Customer Transition Agreement between PSE and PUD represents the last significant agreement between the two parties. It details the final hand over of Jefferson County PSE customer information to the PUD, February 2013.