Recent legislation (ESSB 5939) requires that renewable energy systems previously certified by the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) must be recertified by the Washington State University Energy Program (WSUEP).  WSUEP are administering the new Washington State Renewable Energy System Program.  The deadline for reapplication is April 30, 2018. The PUD has sent reapplication instructions to all currently participating net metering customers. For more information please go to:  WSU Renewable Energy System Incentive Program Webpage.


Jefferson is unique! According to the Washington State Department of Revenue (2009), Jefferson County had more renewable energy systems per capita than any other county.  The numbers have continued to expand to over 306, which presents some unique challenges for a small utility. As a new electric utility we must coordinate with all these electric generators to ensure the safety and reliability of power for all as well as properly compensate for the power supplied back to the grid.

Net metering permits a customer to connect to the utility’s distribution system so that any excess electricity generated by a customer can be credited to the customer’s bill at the same rate they are charged for electricity.


To connect to Jefferson PUD’s system please review the attachments below and complete the following applications

Renewable Credits

Current Washington State law provides an incentive payment to the customer-generators of a local utility that serves renewable resource customer-generators. The customer-generator will need to complete the process and application with WSU’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program to interconnect with their local utility.

Net Metering and Renewable Credit apply to the following:

  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Systems
  • Small Hydro Systems
  • Fuel Cells
  • Generating systems must be 100 kilowatts or less

Other Useful Information: