Net Metering


Jefferson PUD offers Net Metering and Renewable Credits to customers who wish to generate their own electricity with solar, wind, fuel cells or hydro powered electric systems of 100 kilowatts or less in generating capacity. The Net Metering Agreement must be signed and returned to Jefferson PUD in order to receive credits.  Our staff is working hard with new and existing power producers to get everyone signed up and in the program. Customers that are new to net metering in 2014 are welcome to sign up.

Jefferson is unique!
According to the Washington State Department of Revenue (2009), Jefferson County had more renewable energy systems per capita than any other county.  The numbers have continued to expand to over 160, which presents some unique challenges for a small utility. As a new electric utility we must coordinate with all these electric generators to ensure the safety and reliability of power for all as well as properly compensate for the power supplied back to the grid.

Net Metering & Interconnection
Once Jefferson PUD reviews and approves a customer-owned electric generation system, net metering permits a customer to connect to the utility’s distribution system so that any excess electricity generated by a customer can be credited to the customer’s bill at the same rate they are charged for electricity.

Renewable Credit
Current Washington State law provides an incentive payment to the customer-generators of a local utility that serves renewable resource customer-generators. The customer-generator will need to complete the process and paperwork to interconnect with their local utility. (Forms below).

The customer-generator may be eligible for the Dept of Revenue incentive payment. The amount of the tax credit is paid to the customer-generator.   The local utility gets a tax credit against its public utility excise tax based on the total amount that the utility pays the customer-generators for their production. In order for the customer-generator to be eligible to receive the incentive payment the customer-generator will need to apply with the Department of Revenue (DOR) to get a tax registration number and certification.  Once the DOR approves and certifies the customer-generator’s system the customer-generator will need to  need to supply Jefferson PUD a copy of the DOR paperwork and provide a completed “Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery annual Incentive Payment Application”.  This form is listed below and will need to be submitted each year. (refer to WAC458-20-273 and/or RCW 82.16.110 through 82.16.140)

Jefferson PUD Net Metering Packet

  1. Application for Service (Form 101A)
  2. Net Metering Application
  3. Net Metering Agreement
  4. Interconnection Standards – Appendix B
  5. Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Annual Incentive Application (DOR)

Other useful documentation:

Solar Electric System Design, Operation and Installation

How to read your net meter

Net Metering and Renewable Credit apply to the following:

  • Solar Systems
  • Wind Systems
  • Small Hydro Systems
  • Fuel Cells
  • Generating systems must be 100 kilowatts or less

To request additional information call Kim Holt at (360) 385-8344.

Please forward new install or system upgrade paperwork to netmetering@jeffpud.org.

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