Marrowstone Island Well Sampling Project

The PUD is starting a one-year water quality project to determine what impacts, if any, have occurred to the aquifers on Marrowstone Island. Since the water system was extended in 2008, little data has been gathered by state and local agencies regarding the condition of the aquifer. Water use changed with public water availability. Properties hooked to the water system could use an additional, unmetered water source for purposes such as gardening, landscaping and irrigation. In the past, numerous island wells had become salty prior to public water availability, and was very much the reason why the PUD was petitioned to bring public water. These “new” uses are more intensive, therefore there is a high potential for seawater intrusion.  The impact of this change in use could have significant consequences for homes not hooked into the system that are still reliant upon their well for all their water needs. Some new Marrowstone PUD customers have connected to the system because their well went dry.

By using a groundwater study performed by the Department of Ecology in 1994 as a baseline, we will compare water level, chloride and specific conductance trends from the wells to see if degradation to the aquifer has occurred and if so, where it has occurred. This information will aid us in updating our water system plan to reflect what is happening on the island and what, if any, special considerations need to be made by the PUD to accommodate the future demand of new Marrowstone Island customers.

This project will consist of two rounds of sampling, starting late this September with another round in April 2018.  The PUD will sample for chloride, specific conductance and water level (where possible). All sample data will be a public record, associated with your address and available to anyone by request. At this time, we are looking for 20 to 25 wells evenly distributed across the island.  Almost all properties that participated in the study will receive a letter requesting their participation. We are also willing to sample wells that were NOT a part of the 1994 study.

If you want to participate in this project, have questions or don’t know whether your well was in the original study, please use the form below.

Marrowstone Island Well Sampling Project