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Low Income Assistance

READ THIS FIRST (Updated 3/8/2017)
The PUD Board of Commissioners signed into resolution Tuesday March 7, 2017 a new low income energy bill assistance program. Details for how this program will be implemented will be forthcoming in the next few days and will be posted at this location. Stay tuned!

Reduced Rates for Low Income Seniors and Disabled
The PUD offers reduced rates for low income senior citizens and low income disabled citizens. Please download the form below and follow the instructions contained within. If you need additional assistance, please contact Maureen Whippy at or call 360.385.8357. This form was recently updated (5/19/2016).

For an example of what your low income billing statement looks like click on the link located here.

2016 Low Income Letter

2016 Low Income Senior and Low Income Disabled Assistance Form

Having trouble paying your winter season bills?

You may qualify for protection from disconnection for non-payment of your electric service from November 15 through March 15 under RCW 54.16.285. To be protected under the law, you must:

a) Notify our Customer Service Department within (5) business days after receipt of a Past Due Notice that you are unable to pay your utility bill.

b) Provide the Customer Service Department with a statement from Olympic Community Action Program (OlyCAP) that your income qualifies you for this moratorium. This statement must also provide a dollar figure that is 7% of your monthly household income.

c) Apply for low income energy assistance from either a government or private source, and agree that any energy assistance payment received by you will be paid to the District.

d) Apply for low income weatherization assistance to the District or appropriate agency if available.

e) Agree to maintain a payment plan designed to bring your account current by October 15. You may not be required to pay more than 7% of your certified monthly income plus one twelfth {1/12} of any arrearage accrued from November 15 through March 15.

f) Agree to pay the monies owed even if you move.

The employees of the District will assist you in meeting the requirements of RCW 54.16.285 as outlined here.