List of local ISPs

Below is an alphabetized list of companies that can provide Internet services to customers within our district. This list is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended as an endorsement of any company listed here. If you know of another Internet service provider that operates in Jefferson County, please tell us and we will include them here. 

Please note that wireless cell companies that offer WiFi “hot spot” smartphone technology or cellular modem/routers are not listed here, but may have a solution that works in your neighborhood.

Company Name Type of Service
CenturyLink DSL
Hughes Net Satellite
JNET wireless, fiber
Marrowstone Wireless wireless, fiber
North Olympic Peninsula Data Centers xDSL, fiber
North Olympic Wireless Terrestrial Wireless, Satellite
OlympusNet DSL 
Olypen DSL
Wave Broadband Cable
Waypoint Communications DSL