Energy Efficiency Rebates

Guiding Principle – Reducing Electrical Demand
The source of our rebate funds come from our wholesale electric provider, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).  As a part of our power contract, BPA pays its customers – the PUD in this case – to provide financial incentives (rebates) for our customers to install energy efficient measures. Measures can range from LED lamps given away at our offices to industrial scale pumps. BPA and the PUD have targets to meet that are critical to contractual requirements which if not met can lead to increases in power rates. Improved efficiency offsets the need for new electrical generation or the purchase of electricity from other wholesalers. Its a complex and delicate balancing act, but in general, the net effect of becoming more efficient is both economically and environmentally beneficial for everyone locally and across the region.

Important Eligibility Requirements and Expectations

Two principal conditions need to be met in order to qualify for a Jefferson PUD energy efficiency rebate:

1) You must be a Jefferson PUD electricity customer.

2) For home heating-related upgrades such as insulation, heat pumps, windows and the like, the primary source of heat for your home must be electric. Note that other restrictions may apply depending on the measure.

For all rebates, please expect at least 8 to 12 week processing time between when you submit your complete and accurate application documentation and when you receive your check in the mail. Checks are generally cut only twice a month and rebate fund invoices are submitted on average once a month.  For customers that do not go with the list of participating installers below, prolonged issues with documentation are not uncommon, causing additional processing delays. The PUD may change its policy and go strictly with participating installers in the future.

Please note: Only in very rare instances do we reimburse contractors directly, and those are for low income weatherization projects only. 

Helpful Tips
1. Retain copies of all of your submitted paperwork.
2. Use a participating installer.
3. Get multiple bids when possible.

Appliance Rebates Jefferson PUD is currently offering rebates on Energy Star certified home appliances; specifically clothes washers and clothes dryers. Please see the form below for details on how to file for a rebate including how to determine if your appliance is listed as Energy Star compliant. Note that we reimburse you the exact amount BPA offers as an incentive. Rebate values range from $5 for some freezers to $70 for high efficiency clothes washers.

Windows, Weatherization and HVAC We will also offer rebates on ductless heat pumps, residential lighting (pending), and weatherization for residential properties if the projects qualify. In some cases, verification of installation either by PUD staff, contractor of BPA may be required. We require the minimum amount of paperwork from our customers to cover for the use of public money and accountability to BPA. Through BPA, the PUD will pay rebates for ductless heat pumps and some ducted heat pump upgrades that are Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS) certified.  Your rebate value is based on the electric savings gained in kilowatt hours with a heat pump upgrade. Ducted system upgrades are extremely complex and require a significant amount of legwork and expertise that is beyond our capabilities at this time. However, the potential savings in energy is very high so we will make an attempt to rebate all heat pump measures and will offer the rebate only if it satisfies BPA’s requirements.

See Table of Rebate Measures and Amounts for details regarding rebate amounts.

Contractor List For now we are asking customers to contact vendors either on Clallam PUD’s participating installer list or use the list provided on the website (for ductless heat pump contractors only). Vendors on the Clallam PUD list know the BPA requirements and should ensure your ability to get a rebate with a BPA customer like Jefferson PUD.

The contractor should fill out the documentation listed below for the appropriate measure. Homeowners also must sign off on applications. Vendors, please do not offer instant rebates based on getting the PUD rebate for your customer’s installation. The PUD will only cut checks to its customers at this time. For customers, your vendor will work with the utility to get the rebate to you after your unit has been installed and appropriate paperwork has been submitted. And then you can get to being more energy efficient with a little extra pocket money!

Other energy conservation resources: Energy incentive programs across Washington State

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Appliances Heat Pump Forms
Clothes washer and dryer form  Ductless heat pump form (New!)
Air Source Heat Pump (PTCS) form (New!)
Duct Sealing  Heat Pump Water Heater
Prescriptive duct sealing form (New!) Heat pump water heater form
PTCS duct sealing form (New!) List of approved heat pump water heaters
Insulation  Windows
Insulation form •  Windows form   
Insulation Rebate Details  • Windows Rebate Details
Energy Star Search Engines
Clothes Washers  • Clothes dryers

Are you a qualified contractor? Contractors interested in participating in the Jefferson PUD energy efficiency program as an installer need to contact Bill Graham at (360) 385-8375. A “living list” of participating installers is located below.

Participating Installers.

Air Flo Heating Company (360) 307-7822
Air Masters Inc (360) 895-2527
All Weather Heating & Cooling (360) 452-9813
Alpha Builders Corporation (360) 452-3154
Ben’s Heating (360) 385-3600
Bill Mair Heating & Air, Inc. (360) 683-4245
Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning (206) 248-7900
Coast Mechanical LLC (360) 437-7558
Eagle Pipe and Mechanical (206) 765-6851
Economy Home and Hearth (360) 692-8709
Energywise Ductless Heat Pumps (360) 661-7191
Hood Canal Heating and Cooling (360) 275-4992
NW Ductless, Inc. (360) 265-4762
Peninsula Heating Co. (360) 681-3333
Tracy’s Insulation (360) 582-9600
Groves Windows (360) 385-6282
Alpha Builders Corporation (360) 452-3154
Glass Services Company (360) 452-1155